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Shraddha Industries

Shraddha Industries is based in Ahmedabad-India, a manufacturer of Tablet Compression Machineries, High Quality Tooling, Tool Care Products, All type of Tablet Compression Spare Parts, Powder Transfer and Dust Extraction System, Dedusting with Metal Detection System, Punches & Dies, High Quality Tablet Tooling, Granulation Accessories, Granulation Parts etc.


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Our mission is to provide the best quality parts in the pharmaceutical Sector at Competitive prices.


Our vision is to expand manufacturing Plants and increase the range of Pharmaceutical machinery parts.
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Shraddha Industries maintains the largest inventory over 1,00,000 blister packing machine spare parts in ready stock, over 5,00,000 tablet press machine spare parts in ready stock, over 500 tablet press machine turrets in ready stock for immediate delivery to worldwide. Our premium quality products are available in the largest range for the various OEMS, various models, various sizes which meets or exceeds the OEMS quality & specification.

Shraddha Industries committed to manufacture and deliver the largest range of export quality products as constant and consistent as per international standard to various OEMS and exporters. We believe that quality is always a result of teamwork and strict quality control checks at each stage of production. We strive continuously to improving our production capabilities.

Over the years, we have developed trusted relationships with many clients around the world by quality, precision and customer satisfaction.

For the last 20+ years, we have delivered the best quality products in Ready Stock and To fast delivery worldwide. In the Pharmaceutical Industry over 30+ dedicated work forces Including Engineers, Professional Technicians.

We provide information you Tablet Press Machine Parts, Tablet Press Tooling, And we also provide Services to Tablet Press machines.

Shraddha Industries has over 20+ years of Experience in the pharmaceutical sector. Our product quality and delivery are among the company's Strengths

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Infrastructure Setup

We got state of the art manufacturing facility of more than 25,000 square feet area with over 100 dedicated workforces including high qualified engineers, high skilled technicians & experienced professionals. We have an advanced Hi-Tech engineering tool room setup and haas automation INC. (USA) make cnc workshop with latest imported measuring instruments.